Friday, January 28, 2011

Marking Time

Today I finally went to Batteries Plus with an old watch that belonged to Mom to get the battery replaced. (I've decided to try to start wearing a watch again because I don't want to be further tied to my cell phone just to see what time it is...). I commented to the young woman who helped me that my mom died a year or so ago and it was her watch. Then I smiled and added, "If only I could bring my mom in here for a new battery and everything would run just fine again, yeah?" She commented that she had lost her mom this past year, and it was hard for her too. We talked about how the "missing" just never seems to go away. I said a prayer for my friend Elizabeth who just lost her mom last week...far too soon. I wish I could tell her that it will feel normal once again, but at this point I can't. It is simply not normal, even yet, for me to not have Mom's physical presence here with me. The tears are few and far between, and the aching is gone, but I think I will always long for a hug from her. Always.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Loved and Chosen

You can read or listen to my recent sermon at Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church here: