Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Wisdom from Attee

I have so many blog topics on my list, but in the craziness that is my life, I simply can't find the right combination of time AND creative energy to write them down. Theological musings like "If we believe God is always present, why do we ask God to comfort people and / or be with people in our prayers?" and "Sins of Omission and Sins of Comission--which do you tend to focus on and why?" And another one came to me yesterday, but I have already forgotten it. Perhaps it will return.

But alas, today is not the day when creativity and time have met, so instead, I give you more snippets from Mom's life, this time from her Bible, where I found this little gem tucked. It's from an old "These Days" devotional, dated Sunday, April 30. The referenced scripture is Luke's version of The Good Samaritan, Luke 10:29-37.

Be A Jumper Cable

On one of those frantic, tightly scheduled days, when others were depending on my punctuality all day, the battery in my car barely sparked the engine to start. In haste, I risked continuing. Later, far from home, as I turned the ignition key again, one last, weak, grunt sounded. The battery was dead. I felt like a dead battery, too!

Almost immediately a young "Good Samaritan" stopped to offer help--he even had a jumper cable! As soon as the jumper cable brought power, my car started: the energy transferred enabled my car to go.

I thought of all those people in the world who act as jumper cables--conveying energy, bringing help, carrying services, transferring love, making connections. Try it now; stop a moment and remember kindness people have done for you, those who have served as links between you and a need. Then, think of the times you have been a jumper cable for others, a Good Samaritan--the example immortalized by Jesus of one forever nameless but forever named, a symbol of a person who responde to human need. Good Samaritans are jumper cables, bridging human need!

Prayer: All powerful (God), without you we are as dead batteries. Help us to stay connected with you and to transfer to others your love and energy. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Granted, the metaphor is a bit cheesy, but it does so personify our mother. So my prayer for you this day and always, with a nod to our dear, sweet Attee is this: May each of you BE jumper cables when you are given the chance to be, and may you FIND someone who is jumper cables when you need a bit of energy.

Amen. :-)