Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Because she hasn't had the baby yet...

Rachel, that is. My friend Rachel, who is thirty-eight and a bajillion weeks pregnant with child #2, a girl. She "tagged" me to do this thing where I'm supposed to blog about "six uninteresting things about me." It's called a meme. To quote my very pregnant friend, "For those of you who don’t know what a meme is, you can read this site that explains it in detail. Or I’ll just tell you: it’s a bunch of questions someone with a blog answers and then tags some other people with blogs and they answer the same questions and so on and so forth."

So here goes...

1. I was the third top seller of wrapping paper in our band fundraiser when I was in 7th grade. The prize was $25. I think my mom would have preferred to just give me the $25. Now that I'm a mom of fundraisers, I know how she felt.

2. I had a horse named Montana when I was 15. I boarded him with another horse, who was older than dirt, named Rebel, and used to take friends horseback riding after school & in the early morning during the summer. I sold Montana when I was a freshman in college.

3. My favorite movie of all time is St. Elmo's Fire, not so much because it was great acting, but because I just loved the movie.

4. My favorite number is 8--symmetry and all that.

5. I was one of the two drum majors of our 150 member band in high school, the Dublin High School Fighting Irish Band. I did this my junior and senior years.

6. My handiest skill is my ability to power nap. I do it best while watching afternoon PBS. I can be dead tired at 3:30, lie down on the sofa to watch some PBSKids, and be totally refreshed by 4:00. I often watch PBSKids without the kids around just so that I can nap. Some people find that odd. I don't. They are really good shows, especially Arthur, Fetch, and Cyberchase.

I am tagging Joel, David, and Marci. I don't know if they will participate or not, but I'm giving it a shot. Hope they don't let me down!